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Common Uses For Extension Springs

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Extension springs are those inconspicuous spirals of metals that can be found in almost everything we touch daily. Extension springs which are characterized by their ability to pull rather than push, unlike compression ones, abound in our world. At rest these springs exert a constant pulling force since they are usually coiled with initial tension. It is amazing how this basic principle manifests itself in many practical applications.


Suspension Systems of Automobiles

Without an extension spring the ride would be bumpy and each bump or pothole would feel like you were being jarred out of your seat. To provide for smooth and comfortable rides, extension springs work together with shock absorbers. Various suspension components are interconnected by them to ensure the wheels remain aligned through a pulling force application approach.

This even pull helps maintain a consistent level all along despite the unevenness of land over which the vehicle may pass. Moreover, when driving over a bump, some of the jolt is absorbed by the extension springs hence reducing strain on shock absorbers and making it more pleasant to drive.



Extension springs are indispensable when it comes to aircraft security and functionality particularly in landing gears. Touching down, the wheels’ energy is absorbed by the compression of their springs. Resultantly, damage cannot occur and a peaceful landing is ensured.  They also create tension that exists between control cables and control surfaces such as ailerons or rudder.

They thus allow for precise and immediate response to pilot’s commands during flight by keeping constant tension on them. This results in more accurate responses from the control surfaces to input from the pilot hence enhancing safety during flight.


Extension Springs in Doors, Windows, and Garage Doors

Springs that stretch are what maintain our doors and windows operational without noise. These devices exert pressure on the doors so that when we close them it remains shut. The stretching of these springs provides continuous strain on the door frame with an aim of ensuring that it remains closed tightly at all times thereby creating an effective seal which prevents drafts from entering inside. Extension springs, on garage door systems enable them lift or lower smoothly without applying too much effort.


Extension Springs in Furniture

Sit in your favorite armchair or unfold a sofa bed with ease. These are features made possible by extension springs. These springs are integrated into reclining mechanisms so that it allows smooth and controlled movements in altering positions of the furniture. When you push yourself back to recline, the elongation spring shrinks so as to give sufficient pulling force for tilting the backrest.

The spring on the other hand stretches when you bring the seat back into an upright position thus gently drawing back the back rest.


Extension Springs in Manufacturing and Robotics

Precise and consistent movements of robot arms and other automated machines form part of manufacturing processes most often. Extension springs come into play in balancing mechanisms and robotics systems. Tension is created by extension springs which helps maintain accuracy in motion control capabilities of those robots.

For example, during product handling, you can use extension springs to counterbalance gripper tool’s weight in robotic arm used on assembly line making sure that product handling movements are not jerky but rather smooth as required due to its smoothness on precision movement within manufacturing assembly lines.


Extension Springs in Medical Instruments and Devices

The medical industry uses extension springs as different components of instruments and machines, which are used in procedures and patient care that are vital. For instance, in surgical tools which extension springs can be incorporated into their design to be able to provide the exact pressure needed in delicate surgical procedures. This makes it possible to have a controlled use of the tools, leading to reduced hand fatigue for surgeons and which then ensure better precision during operations.


Increasing to this end is also observed in a prosthetic and orthotic and facilitating patients’ mobility and support. Here, they are incorporated to form natural motion and movements of prosthetic limbs or stiffness reduction for joints which not function well in orthotic devices.



With the occurrence of power fluctuations, it can affect the performance and output of various electronic items. Extension springs are used commonly in the electrical connectors and switches. That fact makes an extended force that ensures the connections remain intact. It keeps the interference away and the electrical link is strong and stable which is very important for correct work of computer phone or any other electronic gadget.


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