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Different selection of spring raw materials

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The selection of spring raw materials should be based on the spring load characteristics, ground stress, ground stress size, working temperature, natural environment material, service life, the provisions of electrical conductivity, performance, the source and price of raw materials and other factors. When defining the sectional appearance and specifications of raw materials, the national industry standards and standard requirements shall be preferred, and the use of raw materials with non-standard product specifications shall be minimized.

Small and medium-sized springs, especially spiral stretch springs, should preferentially choose strengthened stainless steel wire, lead bath and other temperature cold drawn steel wire and oil heat treatment hardened stainless steel wire. They have high compressive strength and excellent process properties, and their fatigue properties are higher than those of ordinary heat treated quenched stainless steel wires. Its production and processing is simple and clear, with good technological performance and stable quality.

After spring production and processing, there is a lot of residual stress. Oil heat treatment quenching stainless steel wire is in the stainless steel wire drawn to the required specifications for deployment and strengthening. Spring forming specifications change little, high temperature reliability is better than cold drawing reinforced stainless steel wire. For large, medium and small springs, cold drawing materials or polished stainless steel plates should be used for high load accuracy and in-situ stress requirements. For springs with low load accuracy and in-situ stress, hot-rolled stainless steel plates can be used.

The cross section of the raw material of the compression spring shall be an annular cross section. And square and rectangular frame section, strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, can make the spring practical, but less raw materials. And the price is high, except for the unique necessities, generally try not to use such raw materials. In recent years, the research and development of replacing trapezoidal stainless steel wire with oblate stainless steel wire has achieved good practical effect.