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How Long Do Garage Door Springs Usually Last?

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Door springs on a garage  are significant in ensuring that your garage door runs smoothly. But, the lifespan of the garage door springs is one which every homeowner has to know about. In this regard, we take you through what dictates the life expectancy of your garage door's springs and give essential tips on keeping them serving for long.

Factors That Dictate Lifespan

Normal Wear and Tear

Just consider the number of times you have lifted and brought down your garage door. Each time, springs are used to support the weight of your door. The constant use depletes them as they consistently surpass their elastic limits. This must inevitably translate into replacement needs.

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Rusting and Corrosion

Garage doors easily get wet- be it from rainwater or even humidity in the atmosphere. Such moisture can lead to rusting which will eventually result in corrosion within the structure of a spring itself. Reduced structural integrity means increased susceptibility of breaking for your springs- leading to need for replacements.


Regular servicing of the garage door springs is an assured way of making them last long. Lubrication and adjustments remain critical factors that will ensure they remain in perfect condition. Lubrication will reduce the friction between parts and hence a less wear while modifications will protect springs from harsh weather elements. Changing the position of the door can also relieve stress on one spring.

Incorrect Installation

an incorrectly installed door may have a problem with weight distribution since it puts more strain on one spring than the other side. This uneven load will obviously lead to quick wearing out of one particular spring or even snap it altogether.

Environmental Factors

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and your garage door springs are exposed to the elements. Rust, corrosion, and brittleness become more pronounced when the springs are subjected to temperature fluctuations. These environmental factors can significantly reduce the lifespan of your springs.

Tips for Extending Garage Door Spring Lifespan

Lubricate the Springs

Regularly applying a silicone-based lubricant to your garage door springs can significantly reduce friction and wear. This simple maintenance task can help prolong the life of your springs.

Balance Your Garage Door

Ensuring your garage door is well-balanced is essential. A properly balanced door distributes the weight evenly among all springs, preventing overloading and maintaining elasticity.

Replace Both Springs

In some cases, your garage door may have two springs, with one still in good working condition while the other has failed. The temptation to replace only the non-functional spring is understandable, but it's advisable to replace both simultaneously. This ensures even wear and consistent performance.

Make sure not to put weight on your garage door. The springs that support the door are designed to handle weights so if you add anything that increases the doors weight it can cause the springs to lose their elasticity. It's important to be careful when making any changes to your garage door structure to avoid overloading it.

Taking care of your garage door springs is crucial in ensuring their longevity. Regular maintenance tasks like cleaning them to prevent rust and promptly addressing any cracks can greatly contribute to their lifespan.

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