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Introduction to Die Spring Color Codes

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Die springs are rectangular wire-based helical compression springs designed to hold 30 % more weight for a given deflection. They get their name from being used in punch press die sets, which apply pressure to keep the target item in place while the press creates a hole. If the die set provides zero or excess yield, it could damage the punch.

Die Springs are colored according to their working load. Three distinct color-coding scales have been used up till now. The JISS die spring color code scale, the American die spring color code scale, and the ISO stamp spring color code scale Sadly, these aren’t universally accepted by all manufacturers.

Most manufacturers choose blue for light loads with the least amount of pressure, green for moderately heavy-duty, gold for heavy loads, and red for extra-heavy loads with the most pressure and the least travel to solid. But you should always use the manufacturer's reference table.

GL Metal, for example, offers die springs in a variety of colors, sizes, and loads. Moreover, we may design special die compression springs for your requirements.


Extra Heavy Duty Custom Yellow Metal Coil Die Springs

GL Metal's Extra Heavy Duty Custom Yellow Metal Coil Die Springs are engineered to offer high load tolerances in a wide range of applications. They are made of high-grade alloy steel with a yellow oxide finish and have undergone heat treatment to maximize strength and longevity.

Their special "coil-in-coil" construction ensures greater compression resistance and even load distribution. They are suitable for various applications, including molds, presses, punches, and dies. Their exceptional corrosion resistance and adaptable design also make them perfect for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.


Custom blue steel compression die springs

The custom blue steel compression die springs are exceptionally engineered for various forging, stamping, and die-casting applications. They are constructed of high-strength steel, which provides excellent strength, longevity, and wear resistance.

These springs are incredibly adaptable and provide excellent performance in various applications because of their unique designs. They are suitable for any industrial application because they come in various sizes and shapes. They are designed to offer reliability and consistency in a variety of applications.


Factory Custom Wholesale Heavy Duty Compression  Die Springs

We also have various heavy-duty compression die springs in various colors and sizes. These die springs are made to handle the toughest applications and deliver dependable performance in the harshest conditions.

The springs have a heavy-duty design, corrosion-resistant coatings, and are composed of premium steel. These die springs are designed to offer long-term and consistent performance and are perfect for use in applications that demand high levels of strength and durability. We have the ideal die spring for you, whether you need one for a specific operation or general use.


Advantages of Color Coding

Die springs have color coding to make it easy to immediately determine their strength and pick the right one for a particular project. Also, it allows easy spring change because you can just recognize the spring load resistance from its color and pick a suitable replacement without dismantling the entire system. Also, inspection and maintenance are fast and hassle-free.

When evaluating die springs, always consider the application load requirements. If you doubt or need clarification on the load requirement, speak with a specialist to help identify the proper color code and spring to buy. At GL METAL, we offer a wide range of die springs in different colors and sizes, along with expert advice and assistance to help you choose the best color code for your application.



Die springs are crucial equipment and machinery components and are available in various colors according to their working load. Knowing the color codes can help you choose the right spring for your project. Always use the manufacturer's color code chart to pick the correct spring for your application.

We supply a broad selection of die springs in various colors and sizes. Our springs are made to the highest standards and are engineered to work optimally in various applications.

Also, we offer professional guidance and assistance, ensuring you utilize the appropriate color code for your application. Fill out our online form now to inquire about our die springs.