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Types of Door Locks

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When trying to prevent theft or break-ins, ensuring your door is properly locked should be one of your priorities. A poorly chosen lock can leave your home vulnerable to burglary, so it's important to take your time when selecting. Door locks are an absolute must for any residential or commercial building. While builders may not give much thought to the door locks installed in a home, homeowners should.

No "best lock" applies to every home's security needs, so take your time deciding which locks are right for your home. You must consider the type of door you're locking and its specific security rating. Read on for information about the different types available.


What is a Door Lock?


Traditional key-and-door knob locks are still widely used in residential and commercial buildings, but they are far from the only option. A wide variety of electronic locks are available for both applications at different costs.  

Lock manufacturers have recently begun including smart technology in their electronic locks. Thanks to more modern methods of opening doors, you won't have to worry about lost keys, as you can use a smartphone or voice control.


Door Lock Types


Smart Locks


In addition to locking, these models provide additional convenient functions such as remote management, voice activation, geofencing, and more. For more advanced functions like remote or voice control, you may need to purchase an additional WiFi adapter to connect the door lock to your network. On the other. Smart locks that can only communicate via Bluetooth also exist; their wireless range is restricted, but they still have some useful features.



Euro Cylinder Locks


Locks with extra housing for the cylinder are known as euro cylinder locks. These locks are made and tested to withstand attempts at forced entry by blow torching and lock snapping. These techniques result in a snap in the lock cylinder during a break-in attempt.

A screw is used to fasten the euro cylinder to the lock case from the front. A key operates a deadbolt housed in the door frame's lock case, preventing the door from swinging open or shutting.


Doorknob lock


A doorknob lock is one of the most common kinds of locks in a house. On the other hand, they are usually used with another lock if installed on a front door. Locking the door with a knob is common in interior rooms like the toilet and the bedroom.


Multi-Point Locking System


You can use a key to unlock several different locks. The lock system is installed directly onto the door's frame, securing it firmly with multiple locking mechanisms. Its high-security standards make it a common option for residential front doors. If someone were to try to force the door open, the multi-point system would disperse the force across multiple points, making it much more difficult to crack.


Mortise Locks


In contrast to surface-mounted locks, mortise locks are installed into the door. The lock is mounted on the hardware, which is located inside the door. The most common types are those with three levers and five levers. This lock provides an additional layer of protection. You can open the door by simply inserting the key. Plus, you can use them with minimal effort.



How do I Choose the Right Door Lock?


Check the Door Lock Rating


It's important to consider how well the door you are considering choosing is rated. You can visit the door lock's manufacturer's website for a product description and ratings. If you need clarification on which door lock would be best for your house, you can always ask for advice from a professional door lock service.


Door Frame


A weak lock frame makes the lock easier to break into. Since door framing is often disregarded when securing a door, it is a common entry point for intruders. Even if a door is sturdy enough to withstand considerable force, it will be useless if a thief can easily kick out the hinges from the frame.


Consider Your Budget 


You can purchase a standard door lock for a low price, but they need to provide a high level of security. On the other hand, a high-security lock may seem more expensive than it is. Creating a budget will help you evaluate what you need and can give up to stay within your limits.


Door Size


The size of a door is significant for practical and aesthetic reasons. A  lock that doesn't fit properly in a door is unsightly, while a security issue can arise from a lock that protrudes from the door's opening. Make sure to get precise measurements, especially for euro cylinder locks.


Determine If You Need a Smart Lock


A smart lock provides a convenient and simple method of entering and leaving your home. This lock is the ultimate example of security and convenience, but it comes at a higher price than traditional door locks. Investing in a smart lock is the better option if you value your time and convenience.




You can learn a lot about the different kinds of locks for doors by consulting the list above. A quality door lock is a worthy long-term investment for your home or commercial security needs. To learn more about the materials of door locks, read this article.