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Types of Window Fasteners You Should Know

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Window grips or fasteners are one of the most critical tools that ensure your windows are properly secured and closed. They are designed from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC, which is quite common in products made of wood. 

There are several types of window fasteners. The materials used provide chemical resistance, UV protection, impact resistance, sound insulation, and many more. Read on for a review of the most common types of window fasteners. 

Tilt and Turn Window Fasteners 


These types of window handles are as the name suggests. They are made of uPVC and an espag that allows it to rotate 180 degrees. The tilt occurs after and before turning. The criterion of functionality integrated into these window grips involves twisting and turning. 

Tilt and turn window fasteners are common in sliding patio doors and window panes. Their easy-to-clean feature makes them the best option to use in high-end apartments. Note that the price of tilt and turn window fasteners varies depending on the size, material, hold, and brand as well. 



These window fasteners are everything you would need to enhance the aesthetics of your home. They can blend perfectly with your uPVC windows to make them stand out. The design is quite simple. They grip the window panels using two bolts and have a low projection from the frame. 

Its design also means that they cannot poke through the blinds. Many homeowners experience issues with window fasteners that keep messing with their blinds. 



This is perhaps the most common type of UPVC window fastener. It consists of a locking arrangement at the back and a shaft at its opening. The design has a locking point at the center that aligns perfectly with the grip. There are two types of espagnolette hold. The first type is the in-line hold.

The other option is cranked hold. It is designed to provide enough distance between the locking point and the grip. Espagnolette is available in an array of styles and spindle lengths. They are typical for indoor and outdoor panes. 



Cockspurs don't have a spindle, unlike the above window fasteners. They have a spur at the wedge. Cockspurs are easier to hold on window panes and are available in various sizes on both left-hand and right-hand configurations.

These options are commonly used with antique shutters in most traditional homes. You can also find them on window panes with a slimmer frame.


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Things to Consider When Purchasing the Different Types of Window Fasteners 


Before you purchase your desired window fasteners, it is imperative to put into consideration the factors below:



This is perhaps the most important thing to consider before purchasing any window fastener. If the window fasteners open anti-clockwise, it is imperative to ensure they are right-handed. It also applies to vice versa. If the handles open clockwise, ensure you get left-handed fasteners.    

Spindle Length


The spindle length is measured by how far the spindle turns into the panes or window frame. Besides, it can also be measured by how much it noses out from its base. To replace your handles, you need to take the correct spindle length measurements. It will help you avoid purchasing incompatible handles.

Step Height 


Unless you are working with a professional, it is essential to measure the step height, especially when dealing with cockspur handles. This is the distance between the base of the handle and the nose. Getting a window fastener with the right step height ensures your window panes are secure and tight when closed. 

Hole Positions


When fixing window panels, it is necessary to consider the depth of your screw holes. Using the wrong screws can make it difficult when conducting repairs or replacements. Tilt and turn and espag window fasteners require 43mm with two fittings. 

Cockspur requires relatively longer measurements ranging from 58 to 602mm- depending on the type of handle.  

Final Thoughts


It is possible to enhance the aesthetics of your home with suitable window fasteners. Whether you are a fan of traditional classic themes or modern styles, there is quite a wide range of window fasteners in the market to suit individual tastes. All you need to do to pick the right option is consult a profession or choose a type that fits your security and aesthetic needs. 

Are you looking to purchase window fasteners? Contact us for some of the best selections in the market, and let us ensure you integrate the desired handles in your own home.