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What Is A Pipe Bending Spring?

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Have you ever fiddled with a plumbing project, only to finish it with a pipe that is either kinked or crushed? We've all been there. But fear not, DIY warriors and seasoned contractors alike, a simple hero is lurking in the hardware aisle: the pipe-bending spring.

This innocuous coil of metal may not resemble much; however, it is indispensable in achieving those cool and professional looking pipe bends. Let us see what pipe bending springs can do to your next plumbing adventure.


Why Pipes Require Bend Help

The traditional pipelines, regardless of whether they are made of PVC, copper, or any other material, are manufactured for straight paths. Supporting them is essential, otherwise it can result in catastrophe. Here's why:

       Kinking: Applying a force to bear a pipe may kink it if it folds itself in. This hinders water flow and produces pipe corrosion, which in the long run, might become leaks or bursts.

    Crushing: Without proper support, the inner diameter of the pipe can cave in during bending which may obstruct water flow and cause pipe failure to happen.


The Spring to the Rescue: How Pipe Bending Springs Work

You need not cope with a pipe that won't yield to a gentle curve any longer. Pipe bending shines in this regard.

  1. Insertion: It is a relativelysimple process with a spring, which is coiled in the shape of a snake,that is inserted into the pipe just by pushing it. Its diameter is smallerthan the diameter of the pipe from the inside, ensuring that it restsperfectly inside the pipe.
  2. Internal Support: By the time you have started to bendthe pipe, the spring has already established its internal support. Itshares the bending pressure equally over the whole wall of the pipe,therefore, there is no kinking and crushing.
  3. Maintaining Shape: Through itscoiled form, the spring helps the pipe stay intact with the curved bend.Due to this the water flows naturally and the end product looks highlyprofessional.


Beyond the Basics: Different Types of Pipe Bending Springs

  1. Standard Coil Springs: They arethe most common ones, used for both simple-purpose pipe bending andgeneral purpose.
  2. Mandrel Springs: These shaped springs spring up themandrel ones.  They are mainly usedfor tight bends or large-diameter pipes.
  3. Flat Bending Springs: This isused for bending in flat oval shapes that are applied in the manufactureof heating and air conditioning systems.


Choosing the Right Pipe Bending Spring: Size is Important

Not all springs are of the same quality. So how about you start with identifying the right manufacturer?  GL Metal has been in business for 20 years. They are a one-stop shop for durable, reliable, and top-quality springs. Add to that their team is eager to listen, analyze your project needs, and tailor a pipe needing solution for you.  On your part, you have to consider:


  1. PipeDiameter: The diameter of the spring should be very little less than theinner pipe diameter for a snug fit. There are several sizes of fittings toadapt to the diverse pipe sizes.
  2. Material:Springs are often manufactured from strong materials, like steel or nylon,allowing them to adapt to bending without getting deformed.
  3. BendRadius: Think of the agreed-on bend radius. The tighter bends would,maybe, need a stiffer spring for better support.


The Final Bend: Beyond the Fundamentals

  1. HeatUp for Tough Bends: In the case of particularly rigid pipes, slightlyheating the pipes with the help of a heat gun can make the bending jobeasier. Nevertheless, please take note and refer to the manual of the pipematerial you are using.
  2. MarkYour Spot: Indicate the location of the bend with a marker and make sureit is accurate and precise.
  3. BendGradually: Slowly and evenly exert the same amount of force while bendingthe pipe to avoid creating too much stress on the material.
  4.  Let the Spring Do Its Job: Don't push theroad. The set will be the spring and you will guide the pipe with theapplication of slight pressure.


Pipe Bending Spring: Last Roll

Whenever the pipe bending task becomes a challenge, think of the pipe-bending spring – the unassuming hero. Such a small and easy-to-use device may save you lots of time as well as frustration, and also expensive repairs.

With its assists, you will have not only sharp professional but also aesthetic bends and you can complete your plumbing projects.

Hence take your spring, bring your pipe, and be inspired to make some flow – positive flow!