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What Is a Mechanical Door Lock?

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Advanced technology has changed many things, including door locks, for the better. Despite the advancements, good old inventions like mechanical door locks are here to stay. A mechanical door lock offers security for residential and commercial properties. It does not require electrical energy to work. You need a key to physically turn a lock to open the door. Some door frames have a latch, and a key is needed to open the padlock to let you in.

There are various types of mechanical door locks, such as mortise, spring bolt, cylindrical, and deadbolt. A mortise lock is a popular lock type drilled into a door. Cylindrical locks are also common and come in different formats to suit security needs.

Spring bolt locks are exactly what the name suggests, where a spring-loaded bolt has an angled edge to create a lock. On the other hand, a deadbolt lock has bolts that move when you turn a key or knob without a spring.

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GL Metal’s Mechanical Door Locks to Consider Buying


Your home or commercial property needs high-quality, well-made mechanical door locks for proper closure and enhanced security. Below are mechanical locks from GL Metal to consider purchasing.


1.  Custom Aluminum Alloy Door Handle Lock Set


Available in black and white shades, the custom aluminum alloy door handle lock set is elegant, sturdy, and durable. The manufacturer can customize the set to suit your requirements, so you have nothing to worry about.

You can use the lock on entrances to foster privacy on your property. The handle lock set is made using zinc, satin stainless, and satin nickel materials, providing a stunning lock for your doors. The lock looks great in any décor.


2.  Wholesale Modern Round Handle Door Locks


You can also choose the modern round handle door lock from GL Metal. It comes with three keys, so you have spares to share with a family member or colleague. The locks come at wholesale prices and can be installed on entrances, bedrooms, and bathroom doors.

They are made from stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, and solid steel, offering sturdy locks for your building. The manufacturer provides different finishes to choose from, including satin nickel, polished brass, and chrome. That way, you get the finish that matches your space.


3.  Wholesale High Security Square Handle Door Locks


GL Metal also offers high-security square door locks to consider buying. They have a fabulous gold color and come with three keys. They are fully reversible for right and left-hand doors. The handle door set is made from stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, and aluminum. The wholesale prices are helpful for commercial properties that need locks in bulk. These locks look stunning on all doors, and the square shape adds sophistication to your style.


4.  Wholesale Cast Iron Mechanical Hand Door Locks


Your doors can use the unique, red, cast-iron mechanical lock. You can have your locks customized to your liking. The red door lock is durable with an electroplated, polished exterior. It is made with a high-grade alloy and comes with several locks for convenience. The indoor handle is quick and efficient for ease of use. GL Metal makes different cast iron mechanical locks to meet customer needs.


Why Buy Mechanical Door Locks from GL Metal


The market has a wide range of companies offering mechanical door locks. Here is why you should consider using GL Metal locks for your home or commercial building.

 Mechanical door locks provide privacy and security on properties. They are available in different designs to suit residential and commercial buildings. GL Metal offers high-quality mechanical locks to consider installing on your doors. Wholesale locks are also available.