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Coil Springs
Coil Springs
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Coil Springs

A coil spring is an elastic component usually made of strong metal in the shape of curls or ringlets of circular wire or cord wound around a tube. Based on the use for which it's intended, the winding of a coil spring can be either tight or loose in a spiral form.

The coil spring is ubiquitous and may be found in anything from toasters, playground toys, and retractable pens to vehicular suspension systems, household furniture, and garden doors or gates. The coil spring is necessary for today's society. Different-sized coil springs are utilized to lessen shock and strain on a surface by providing for greater give.

Volute, constant force, conical, and spiral coil springs are a few of the many shapes and sizes. Compression springs are the most typical variety of coil springs. Both types are shaped on an arbor, mandrel, or cylinder when created via cold or hot winding.

Contact GL Metal if you have any customization requirements in coil springs. We are a professional spring manufacturer that will design and produce metal springs based on your needs!

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