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Die Springs
Die Springs
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GL Metal is a leading China-based manufacturer and supplier of reliable and consistent die springs with over 20 years of experience in spring production. Our extensive product line features stock and custom die springs made from good-quality materials. 

A die spring is a high-compression spring designed to withstand high levels of applied stress in extreme conditions. Die springs can handle significantly higher loads than standard compression springs. They have unique mechanical properties, such as high resistance to high loads and increased deflection. 

Die springs from GL Metal are well suited for various applications requiring shock-load and high-static stresses. They are commonly used in punch press die sets, among other industrial applications. They are also the go-to choice for projects where maximum cycle-life is vital. 

Our die springs employ rectangular wire to reduce the solid height and increase the space efficiency of the spring design. GL Metal’s die spring catalog includes a wide variety of custom die spring options for different applications. 


Our Die Spring Materials

GL Metals fabricates die springs primarily from rectangular wire cross-sections featuring rounded corners. This design leverages the most efficient cross-sections available. The high-grade materials we use are of unsurpassed quality and include stainless steel, steel alloys, and other specialty materials. The spring configuration can be closed-end or open-end.


FAQs Related to GL Metal Die Springs

1. Do you offer die springs customization?

Absolutely. If you can’t find a die spring that caters to your specific needs, GL Metal is happy to customize your orders based on your exact specifications and preferences.


2. What are your quality standards?

At GL Metal, we take pride in producing quality products that meet or exceed our customer expectations and industry standards. We perform rigorous quality assurance tests at our facilities. We also maintain key certificates to ensure we ship only the best products to our customers.


3. Are your die springs color-coded?

You can custom order our die springs with different color finishes. Color coding helps with the visual identification of the die spring’s work range/strength. Available colors include green, yellow, blue, green, and red.


4. Which industries use your die springs?

GL Metal supplies die springs to customers in various industries and fields, including transportation, automotive, agricultural, and manufacturing. 

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