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Mechanical door locks
Mechanical door locks
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Mechanical Door Locks

Modern home and business security is evolving constantly with innovative ways to protect your valuable assets. One tried and tested security solution that has stood the test of time is the mechanical door lock. GL Metal helps you upgrade the security in your home or business by offering excellent-quality mechanical door locks at competitive wholesale prices. 

A mechanical door lock is a simple, effective, and convenient security option that doesn’t require power to operate. These types of locks have been utilized for thousands of years and continue to be a great security solution for many residential and commercial settings. Their versatility and electricity-free operation make mechanical door locks a good fit for many applications.

At GL Metal, we design and produce custom mechanical door locks according to customer requirements and specifications. We also offer wholesale order options for OEM/ODM. If you are a company looking to produce products that exceed client expectations, our mechanical door locks are the go-to solution.

Browse our mechanical door lock catalog to find products that are highly dependable, resistant to weather elements, easy to operate, and have long lifespans. GL Metal’s mechanical door locks offer a wide range of styles and finishes including but not limited to:

Square handle mechanical door locks

Round handle door locks

Cast iron handle door locks

Aluminum alloy handle door locks

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