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Everything About Padlocks

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Who does not know what a padlock is? While it is easy to assume we all know what a padlock is, it is always prudent to know more about something. And this guide here is what we are all about.

Padlocks are unique devices made to lock two components together. Padlocks are a hallmark of security and are handy in securing items like cars or premise doors. Moreover, besides securing items, padlocks also work to keep safe from burglary.

This post will cover everything about padlocks, and lucky for you, we even give you a little history of how padlocks began.

Read on.



Where did Padlocks Come from?

Surprisingly, padlocks are known to exist since the start of civilization. Padlocks come in numerous sizes and shapes and offer multiple benefits. Besides safeguarding, padlocks also work as decorative items as seen with celebrity chains and bracelets. Nonetheless, many of us know padlocks as units of security and safeguarding materials mainly because of their use in the medieval period for locking up prisoners.

The oldest padlock design known to us is believed to be a 4th-century BC invention. Ancient Romans and Greeks used simple (wooden) rods comprising looped ends to lock up their items. Since then, metal has taken over the industry, followed by iron and brass, the latter becoming the preferred design material. The story as we know it is that from the ancient wooden padlocks, these units have now become a primary component in our lives.

The current padlocks come in multiple forms and styles. There are specific padlocks made for prison use, while most are designed for home application. Modern padlocks come with keys for easy use, while others feature complex key-less mechanisms such as button combinations for added security.


What is a Padlock?

Padlocks are locking mechanisms made to secure two components together. In most cases, they are used in securing doors, gates, and other items. Padlocks are normally portable and secure spaces or items that aren’t permanently fixed like lockers, storage units, and gates.

A padlock generally has a U-shaped shackle, locking mechanisms, and a body. You need a key to unlock a padlock, although some improved padlocks now require combinations that use numerical code as passwords.

A padlock’s body contains the opening and closing mechanisms, usually a metal case. For the shackle, this is the padlock’s part that you attach to your gate or door. It holds the unit in place.

The keyway is the last component of a padlock and this is where you insert the key or a combination of the padlock unlocks through numerical codes.


How do Padlocks Work?  

The entire padlock opening and closing system determines the type of padlock you need. This is because there are several types of padlocks made for different functions. Luckily, we offer different padlocks depending on your intended use.

Modern padlocks have key-operated systems. When you insert the key into its keyway, it pushes several levers inside to rotate the lock’s internal components. When the components turn, they open a gap between the lock’s inner and outer rings. After this, you can remove your key from the padlock. This process is what we call ‘picking the lock’.

NOTE: Lock picking is illegal! However, if properly done, it makes opening the lock easy without damaging it. 


What are the Common Types of Padlocks?

The most popular padlock is the standard combination lock since it comes with a key. This padlock works well in securing cars, bikes, or other valuable items. Another padlock option is the Keyless Lock. These padlocks come with keys but don’t necessarily need you to use one to open them.

They are common in offices, banks, and even homes. We also offer modern electronic padlocks that use a radio wave locking mechanism. These padlocks are regarded as the safest since only a person with the right code can open them.  Here is a breakdown of some modern padlock options:

Electronic Padlocks: These types of padlocks use electronic tech to operate. They are common for both residential and commercial uses. With this padlock, you don’t need any combination or key to open it, making it a convenient option. However, they are costlier than standard options and don’t offer impenetrable security assurance.

● Steel Cable Padlocks: This is a surprisingly common mechanism in how padlocks work. Also called ‘old style’ padlocks, they were first used a few centuries ago and still find use in modern padlocks. These units are made from robust metal and require a key to open. Moreover, they hold a slight edge over other locks since they are durable, sturdy, and inexpensive. If you also consider their ease of installation, steel cable padlocks have a reliable lock mechanism. 


What are the Most Common Uses of Padlocks?

The most obvious use of padlocks is securing gates and doors to secure property. We mostly secure our items with padlock and keys, the latter inserted into the padlock and turned to open. Similarly, there is also the option of using padlocks with no key. Usually, this entails removing the shackle from the padlock before you open it.

The next popular use of padlocks is securing bicycles and motorbikes. These units are usually secured using a padlock and chain. This way, we are able to prevent theft, especially in outdoor settings,

Another common way we use padlocks is to safeguard valuables like money, documents, and jewelry. Padlocks are reliable options if you want to prevent lock picking people. However, you should understand that the best way to secure your valuables is by getting anti-pick devices.


How do I Find the Best Padlock?

Padlocks come in different sizes, shapes, and types. However, the best padlocks boast several unique characteristics including:

1. Superb Security– A padlock is designed to offer security from theft. However, depending on the purpose, they can have different security provisions for maximum theft/attack resistance. While home and gate padlocks offer decent security features, other padlocks can include anti-tamper and hardened shackle mechanisms for added security.  Choosing a padlock with the highest security level is the best way to secure your property.

2. Quality Build Material: Brass and iron are common materials for padlock production, but each offers a different form of security. Brass padlocks are common in many gates and doors although you can get stronger fabric padlocks such as boron or hardened-steel padlocks. There are also padlocks with robust shackles and bodies for added security.

3. Shackle design: High security users need padlocks with sturdy shackles for added resistance against modern attack techniques. Closed or shrouded shackles are more resistant and significantly minimize exposure. 

4. Key Control & Locking Mechanisms: the choice here is between a ‘dumb’ and ‘smart’ padlock and it all depends on personal preference. The dumb option is the common key and lock padlock mechanism while the latter represents the modern combination code padlocks. 

5. Durability: Depending on where you want to use a padlock, it is important to consider its overall robustness, especially to weather elements. If you want a padlock for outdoor use, like for doors and gates, or even bicycle locking, padlocks with superior weather and corrosion resistance are the ideal options. You can check for this by assessing a padlock’s seal, coating, and material.

6. Versatility: The best padlocks are versatile enough to allow their use for different purposes. For instance, buying a padlock that can secure your luggage and also help secure your bike outside when needed is a worthwhile investment since it can work multiple functions. Nonetheless, this is always dependent on personal preference and intended use.


Where do I Find the Best Padlocks?

Buying a padlock is generally a straightforward process when you know where to get it. While there are numerous padlock manufacturers, the best padlocks usually come from reputable companies. Why? A padlock’s brand reputation indicates its popularity, reliability, and affordability of the padlock. We always recommend that you buy a padlock from a reputable company/brand for the best results.

High security, durability, and affordability are among the few characteristics of a reputable brand and GL Metal is among the best in the market. with 20+ years of production experience, GL Metal is the best company for high quality, affordable, and customized metal wire, springs, and padlocks among other metal products. We offer our products to 70+ countries and over 100 dealers globally. By choosing our padlocks, you will enjoy among others:

Quality & Durability: Our padlocks are designed using high-quality steel for optimal corrosion and weather resistance. Steel is a robust, corrosion and rust resistant material hence our use of quality stainless steel for the most secure padlocks. 

Affordability: Security is expensive only when overlooked. Luckily, with our expertise in high-quality, secure padlocks and metal components, we offer inexpensive padlock options for different purposes.

Easy Installation: Can you imagine having to pay an expert to help you use you work your padlock? How exhausting and expensive would it be? Luckily, at GL Metal, we offer you easy to install padlocks and multiple pre-assembled units to ensure you buy and use your padlock instantly.  

Customized Padlocks (Anti-Pick Mechanism): Did you know that you can order a customized padlock designed to suit your unique needs? If not, listen up. Sometimes, even the most expensive and robust padlocks can fail in the hands of crafty lock pickers. Nonetheless, you can buy a customized padlock for maximum security. If you want a padlock with enhanced security, GL Metals offers anti-pick devices for the padlocks to minimize the risks of lock picking.