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GL Metal is one of the leading manufacturers of first-rate metal springs with over 20 years of experience in spring production. We design and manufacture a wide range of standard and customized metal springs with an impressive life cycle of approximately five years.

A metal spring is a flexible device or machine component that stores mechanical energy when subjected to compressive, bending, or tensile forces. This energy is released as a restoration force that aims to bring the spring back to its original state. Metal springs offer support, mobility, and flexibility to equipment, machines, and structures. 

GL Metal is your go-to vendor if you seek a reputable and reliable manufacturer of high-quality, long-life metal springs. With a factory area of over 10,000 square meters and 100 dealers in more than 70 countries, we have the capacity to supply numerous customers in various industries around the globe.


Types of Metal Springs GL Metal Offers

GL Metal manufactures and supplies different types of metal springs for varied applications. Our large metal spring product catalog includes the following:


Compression Springs

Compression springs are among the most widely used and effective energy-storage springs. This type of metal spring shortens, or compresses, when a force is applied and stores mechanical energy in the process. They are highly resistant to axial compressive forces. The spring releases the mechanical energy as it attempts to stretch into the original length, pushing back against the applied force or weight.


Extension Springs

An extension spring, just like a tension spring, is capable of resisting pressure or tensile forces trying to pull the spring apart. The spring is initially coiled under tension, and when it is lengthened, it tries to revert to its initial shape. This action results in a pulling force. Extension springs are employed in applications where two elements have to be kept together using the force of the metal springs.


Torsion Springs

A torsion spring is a helical-wrapped spring used in torque-resistance applications. The spring features arms attached at the ends and spins around its central axis. The arms are attached to the extraneous components that place pressure on the spring. 


Coil Springs

A coil spring is a helical-shaped metal spring that can either be open-wound or closed-wound. It stores and releases mechanical energy, absorbs shock, or maintains pressure between contacting surfaces. Our coil springs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be compression, tension, or torsion springs. 


FAQs Related to Our Metal Springs

1. What materials do you use to manufacture your springs?

Metal springs from GL Metal are constructed from carefully chosen materials designed to achieve safe working stress at a practical cost. These materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, and copper. Our selected spring materials boast high elastic limits, high strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue, and machinability. 


2. Which industries does GL Metal serve?

GL Metal’s best-in-class metal springs can meet the standards and demands of various industries and fields. Our metal springs have unique properties and mechanisms well suited for applications, including the automotive industry, aeronautics, medical industry, agricultural industry, consumer electronics and appliances, furniture, musical instrument production, sports equipment, and more.


3. What type of quality control do you have?

In line with our commitment to providing top-quality metal springs, GL Metal has implemented a tight quality control framework. We follow industry best practices and adhere to stringent standards throughout the entire production line to deliver products without defects.


4. How long does your delivery take?

Approved samples are generally delivered in 10-15 days. Your order quantity will determine the actual delivery time.

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