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Bending Springs
Bending Springs
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Bending Springs

When physically bending a pipe, a pipe bending spring is put into (or above) the pipe to hold the pipe walls. A bendable, metallic spring known as a "bending spring" is often used to curve PVC conduit pipes by giving them the internal stability required to produce a clean, distortion-free curve. The spring features a ring end on one end and a tapered end on the other.

They are only somewhat smaller in diameter than the pipe's internal diameter. Typically, this type of extension springs are exclusively employed to bend 15-25 mm soft copper pipe (used in household plumbing). Once its center is approximately where the bend should be, the pipe bending spring is forced into the pipe.

GL Metal is a specialist in the design and production of best-in-class stock and custom bending springs of multiple sizes and configurations. A bending spring is a sturdy, flexible metal spring that is fixated over or inserted into a pipe or tubing to support its walls when manually bending the pipe. GL Metals employs quality tested production process and uses high-grade materials to produce the best-quality bending springs. 

Our highly durable bending springs are constructed from oil-hardened and tempered steel with a galvanized finish. With 20 years of production experience, GL Metal has unmatched manufacturing capabilities, complete with patented designs, durable construction, and a variety of customizable options. 


Types of Bending Springs GL Metal Offers

GL Metal’s extensive product catalog features different types of bending springs, including:

Internal bending springs – You feed this spring into a pipe to help support the pipe’s walls during the bending process. The spring prevents the pipe from becoming distorted or creasing. The spring features a slightly thinner tapered end to feed into the pipe. It also has a ring at one end that you attach to a string or wire for retrieval if it goes out of reach inside the pipe. They are typically used for pipers with diameters between 15mm and 25mm.

External bending springs – You feed this type of spring over the pipe for support during the manual bending process. It features a slightly wider tapered end to insert the pipe. This type of bending spring is usually used for pipes with diameters under 15mm.

Hook and ring springs- these bending springs feature a hook and ring on either end. They enable you to connect several springs for larger projects and applications.


FAQs Related to GL Metal Bending Springs

1. Can your bending springs be used for different types of pipes?

GL Metal’s bending springs are well-suited for bending copper, thin-wall steel, and aluminum pipes. Applicable common sizes include ¼ inch, ½ inch, 3/8-inch, 5/16 inch, and 5/8-inch pipes.

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