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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Springs?

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Does your garage door open manually or automatically? Either way, garage door springs are essential to the door's smooth and trouble-free operation. A damaged garage door spring isn't just an annoyance—it can also cause other problems with safety or repairs if left unchecked. Compared to a standard extension spring, a torsion spring has twice the lifespan and can handle significantly more weight. 

Torsion spring systems have a better balance, making them a better option. However, they are more costly. The cost of extension springs is typically lower, which makes them the common choice. Keep in mind, however, that due to the exposure of most parts, you should take extra care to avoid injury due to the high tension of the operation. To assist you in making the best decision when purchasing a garage door spring, here is a guide.


What Are Garage Door Springs? 


Two primary varieties of garage door springs exist torsion springs and extension springs. It is essential to understand how they each function because of their unique mechanisms. This will help you assess if your door spring needs replacing and help you find the right one when purchasing.


How Do I Choose the Right Type of Garage Door Spring?


Wire Size


To determine the correct wire size, simply pass a tape measure along a distance of 10 - 20 coils, which will give you an accurate measurement of the wire's diameter. You can then compare the measurements you get to a wire size chart.



Inside Diameter


Garage door inner diameters are usually marked between the springs on the door's upper track. To measure the inside diameter, you'll need to take off the spring and measure it to the nearest sixth of an inch.

However, you should leave it to an expert due to the risks involved. Correct inside diameter measurements are crucial to ensure the spring tightly fits the proper amount of torque.


Overall Length


Determining the length of a tension spring will help you know its winding capacity. Your garage door will only open if the spring is bigger. Knowing that you cannot get accurate measurements when the door is open is essential.


Wind Direction 


Most modern garage doors have a pair of torsion springs, and each spring needs to turn in a specific direction for the door to be raised and lowered. Torsion springs can be wound in either a left-wind or right-wind direction. The counter-clockwise spring will generally be on the right side of your door.


Identify the color code of the spring.


You can avoid the hassle of figuring out which size spring you need by doing something as simple as looking at the color code. Do different kinds of springs have different colors? Yes. All garage door springs should have a brightly colored identification strip.

Finding this stripe and discussing it with your garage door manufacturer will allow them to direct you to the correct spring. 


Signs that Your Garage Door Springs Need Attention 


Most professionals in the field of garage doors agree that replacing a broken spring is preferable to fixing one. To avoid further damage, inconvenience, and additional costs, replacing both garage door springs is best. The following are signs that you should change your door springs:

Garage door springs that are old or broken pose a severe risk to nearby individuals or property if they snap unexpectedly. At the first hint of trouble, contact us at Foshan Gonglian Metal Products for Garage door springs solutions.


Take Away


The essential equipment and knowledge are required for the proper installation and winding. Garage door springs pose safety risks, so you should avoid replacing them if you have the appropriate training. We have a wide variety of springs to meet the specific requirements of your door.